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A Grateful Response

posted Jul 25, 2012, 6:39 PM by Ron Lusk
At our meeting last week, we discussed a request from J---, a fellow-worker in India.  He knew of three young women who were qualified for study as nurses, but who would never be able to afford nursing school tuition.  Some of our team had volunteered before the meeting to take on a year's tuition for one of the women, and others spoke up during the meeting.

When the word reached one of the girls, this is her response to Helping India Together:

Dear Sir,

I am M-----. I want to thank the Lord for your help to me. I also thank you all of the New Life team. I am thankful to you all from the bottom of my heart for helping to do my Nursing course. I never imagined that I will ever be able to do this course because of the high fees. My financial condition is such that I have to work and help my Mommy and Papa. Because of the high fees I was sad and disappointed and felt that I will never be able to do the Nursing Course and help my parents for a better life. But on 16th when J--- uncle gave me the news on phone about your decision to help, my heart was overwhelmed with joy. I cannot express what I was feeling. This was very unexpected because J--- uncle did not tell me anything till 16th. He only asked me to pray. I thank you all once again and also I thank the Lord for the support you are giving me. I will always remember you all in prayers.

I promise to study hard for my course. Thank you.