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KERALA Relief and Restoration

posted Sep 9, 2018, 8:04 PM by Michael Atchison

Many of you have heard about the devastating floods in Kerala, India. The state of Kerala is facing its worst floods in over a century.  Exceptional heavy monsoon rains, followed by failing and opened dams have generated an extreme crisis.  The state has been declared a red zone and tourists have been evacuated by the military. To date, over 300 lives have been lost and over 200,000 people are displaced from their homes.

One of our long-term partners in India comes from Kerala and has been on the scene to deliver assistance.  He has been working directly with the government and other nonprofit agencies on the ground to get the resources to those in need as quickly as possible.  In cooperation with the local authorities, he has been placed in charge of providing restoration assistance to 120 families.  These families have lost all their possessions: clothing, beds, furniture, kitchens and cooking equipment….everything.

But now we can help.  Our goal is to provide materials to restore homes for 20 families.  We already have support for 10, and only need 10 more.  Our partner in India is delivering packages including cooking stoves, double beds, chairs, tables, sanitary equipment, soap, and more.  Each kit to equip an entire home costs $215.  Will you help?  

If so, go to our donation page and enter your donation under "Kerala Relief