How You Can Help

HIT offers many ways for you to participate in our work.  You can give to a specific project, or to “where the need is greatest” determined by the HIT board.  HIT is a registered non-profit, so contributions are tax-deductible.  

Make checks payable to Helping India Together and mail to:

Helping India Together

500 General Patterson Dr.

Glenside, PA 19038.  

If you would like the funds restricted to a particular project, please note that on the downloadable pdf below.

Funding Opportunities

General HIT Support: Where the Need is Greatest

Many important projects for serving impoverished peoples in India are identified either during trips by HIT members, or as a result of emergency requests made by our partners in North India.  Your gifts to “Where the Need is Greatest” enable the HIT board to move most efficiently to mobilize funds needed for these projects.

Elementary Education

HIT participates in rural education work through and with our partner organizations. One of them operates over 70 study centers that provide education for over 7,000
impoverished rural children; another operates.  Most study centers lack proper buildings for education, and most villages lack the funds to operate a study center.
  • Study Center construction: construction of an elementary school in India only costs $7,500.
  • Study Center operation: the yearly expenses to operate a rural village study center that serves approximately 60 children is $1,500.

Healthcare HIT assists in healthcare efforts in India by a variety of venues:

Nursing Education

Our partner hospital association operates over 20 hospitals in North India.  There is constant need to expand the nursing staff at these hospitals, and these jobs provide excellent opportunities for employment of local individuals.  Nursing education through our partner only costs $1,250 per year and a total of $4,500 for the entire nursing curriculum over 3.5 years.

Hospital Equipment and Repairs

Our partner hospitals serve impoverished populations who cannot afford expensive healthcare.  Therefore, most purchases of major equipment and repairs of hospitals must be done by raising funds via donations.  Each gift invested here enables hospitals to provide better service to impoverished people.

Clean Water and Sanitation  

One of our partners focused on transformational development improves community health by drilling wells for clean water, and by building toilets in each village.  A well costs only $1,200 and a toilet only $50.  These funds significantly improve the health status of rural villages.

Emergency Relief

Winters in India can be harsh due to lack of centralized heating.  Many impoverished villagers die each winter due to exposure.  A wool blanket only costs $3.  Therefore each $100 gift provides over 30 blankets.

Impoverished and Orphan Children

HIT partners with organizations in Northern India to assist in the care for and education of impoverished or orphaned children.  A gift of $600 supports an orphaned child for a year, and $1,250 supports further education of a child past elementary school.

Vocational Training

HIT works with several organizations based in Northern India to provide vocational training of either marginalized or impoverished people. Training includes sewing, electrical skills, air conditioner repair, cell phone repair, silk screen technology, and training to be a school teacher.  Support for training for an entire year costs only $1,000.

  Leadership Training

HIT partners with local organizations in Northern India to train local leaders to help meet the numerous needs of their villages. They work with a goal of transformational development: seeking positive change in the whole of human life materially, socially, psychologically and spiritually. A gift of $1,000 supports local-leader training for an entire year.

Michael Atchison,
Jan 12, 2017, 4:00 PM