The mission of HIT is to serve and aid the impoverished peoples of India.  We focus

on four main strategies below.  

NOTE: COVID-19 SURGE in INDIA - India is now the epicenter of a massive Covid-19 surge.  Hospitals are overwhelmed by the caseload.  Acute shortages of oxygen, medical supplies, PPE are at crisis levels.  People are dying in the streets, in cars driven by family members desperately looking for a hospital to treat their loved ones, or at hospitals that have run out of oxygen. The situation is overwhelmingly tragic as crematoriums organize mass funeral pyres.  In addition, food, counseling, and economic relief are critical. 

Hit the "Donate Now" button and give under COVID-19 Relief line on our giving page.


PLUS: Nursing Education Support

Nurses are on the front line of the Covid-19 crisis, and HIT plans to support 20 students for nursing school education this year.  An entire year for one student costs $750 ($65 per month).  Hit the Donate Now button and give under the HEALTHCARE line.


We are a non-profit 501c3 organization devoted to aiding the impoverished peoples of India. Along with raising funds for projects, we travel to India to assist our partner organizations with leadership development, to teach and encourage various groups, to provide hands-on participation and inspection of funded projects, and to work diligently to build relationships with the people we assist.  We have developed strong relationships with our partners over the past decade and visit with them 1-2 times per year to learn, consider new projects, and plan for the future.

Helping India Together

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