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Michael Atchison (Executive Director)

Michael Atchison, Ph.D. serves as Executive Director of HIT and is Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Atchison provides overall leadership for the organization. He is responsible for assembling teams to work in India, for providing oversight of funds spent on projects, and for communications with our work partners in India.

Nadine Constantine (Secretary)

Nadine Constantine serves as Secretary of HIT. She is responsible for working with children at the orphanage run by Himalayan Inland Mission, and for maintaining HIT records.

Michael Andrews (Treasurer)

Michael Andrews serves as Treasurer of HIT, is a retired high school science teacher, and is an Elder at New Life Presbyterian Church in Glenside, PA. His experience in education is crucial for our work with village school teachers, and his experience in construction and building is crucial for our building and repair efforts in India.


Aneesh Khushman (Board of Trustees)

Aneesh obtained his MD at Xavier University, previously serving as director of a rural hospital in India. He is currently at professor at Cairn University where he serves as Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  His extensive medical experience is crucial for HIT's investment in healthcare in India, and his extensive background in India is a major benefit to our interactions with our partner organizations.

Audrey Barker (Board of Trustees)

Audrey obtained her VMD degree at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine and developed an organization (Mere Saathi) working with the women who care for dairy cattle in India.  Dr. Barker, and Mere Saathi, joined with Helping India Together several years ago to provide healthcare for animals owned by impoverished rural families, predominantly by treating with anti-parasitic medication.  Her veterinary expertise is crucial for our mission to empower the impoverished people in rural India.


Judi Lusk (Board of Trustees)

Judi Lusk serves on the HIT board, is a former librarian, and serves as a Deaconess of New Life Presbyterian Church, Glenside, PA. She is skilled in teaching and counseling and has a passion for helping marginalized women in India. She maintains relationships with organizations in India that help women work toward self-sufficiency by training them in skills that provide incomes.  

Joanna Andrews (Board of Trustees)

Joanna Andrews, R.N. serves on the HIT board and is a retired registered nurse at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia with expertise in pediatric hematology. Her expertise is important for our work involving health care in India and she provides advice on medical equipment purchased by HIT for work in India, and serves an educational role with the hospital staff in India. She brings medical expertise to HIT and helps to maintain our relationships with healthcare workers in India.


Malcolm Osborn (Board of Trustees)

Malcolm Osborn serves on the HIT board and has extensive experience of India. He serves as a Director of Paul Tripp Ministries, an organization that provides Biblical teaching and counseling advice. Malcolm has long-standing relationships with our Indian partners at Kachhwa Transformational Ministries and provides advice on cultural and contextual issues in India.


Adam Shambaugh (Board of Trustees)

Adam Shambaugh, M.A. serves on the HIT board and is a Business and Research Librarian at Temple University in Philadelphia. He has a passion for serving underprivileged peoples in India and is skilled in linguistics having obtained a Masters in Linguistics. His language experience is valuable for our work in India.

Piper Fordham (Board of Trustees)

Piper Fordham serves on the HIT board with skills in education, administration, and writing.  She has a passion for justice issues, particularly as they pertain to marginalized women.


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