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We provide funds for education of children and youth impacting the education of several thousand children.  We provide funds for study center construction, for study center operation, and for primary, secondary, and advanced education.  Funds are supplied to prepare teenage students for higher education, or for vocational school education.  We also deliver educational lessons to help train teachers. For more information, click the picture.


We invest in healthcare by a number of mechanisms.  We purchase medical equipment, renovate hospital facilities, give lessons for medical professionals, and provide funds for students to attend nursing school or advanced medical training.  Supporting healthcare education (nursing and physician) for local indigenous people enables economic growth, and promotes local family stability, while augmenting healthcare in the local environment. For more information, click the picture.


HIT partners with organizations that provide vocational training for abused women or impoverished men.  Our partner organizations operate orphanages, and train marginalized people groups to assist in their becoming self-sufficient. We provide funds for vocational training of individuals, for training equipment, and for facility renovations. We also purchase items made by businesses that employ marginalized peoples.  For more information, click the picture.


​HIT partners with organizations to train local leaders to meet the numerous needs of their villages. We work toward a goal of transformational development: seeking positive change in the whole of human life materially, socially, psychologically and spiritually.  For moe information, click the picture.


Adam Paulraj was born on 9/18/11 in India. Although his brain, heart and lungs were healthy, his body was severely deformed. Jessica and Raja Paulraj, medical professionals at the hospital, reacted with an outpouring of love and compassion by adopting Adam. As there were very few options for Adam’s healthcare in India, Adam went through countless surgeries in the U.S. with funds supplied by loving people from around the world. Although there was great hope for his future, he passed away on 6/12/16 as a result of a severe respiratory infection. His brief, 4 year life touched thousands of people around the world.  In honor of Adam and other disabled children, through the Baby Adam Memorial Fund, we plan to augment healthcare in India so that disabled children there have indigenous options for quality healthcare.  For more information, click the picture.

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