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#Giving Tuesday is Has Arrived!

Today is the Day! You make it all possible by investing in people to transform communities. Pictured below are 6 out of 7 students we are supporting this year for nursing school. These students come highly recommended to us by our partners. After completing school they will be employed at their referring hospitals. Our past experience indicates that not only are these student's lives transformed, but their families are changed (the increased income is often used to support sibling's education), and communities are transformed (quality healthcare is delivered by these students in their home communities). Thank you for your crucial investments in these young women and men. We must raise $7,000 in the next month. Every dollar goes to support students, as our overhead is already covered. You can donate through our website, giving under the "Healthcare" option to support these nursing students. Or you can donate to any other HIT program. You might consider becoming an HIT partner by giving monthly. By forgoing a cup of coffee or two a week you can save $10-$20 per month, which as a monthly recurring donation provides 10-20% of a nursing student's costs for an entire year! Giving through ACH or direct bank withdrawal is the most valuable approach as it saves the 3% normally charged for credit card processing. Thank you so much for changing lives and communities!

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